Inspired by urban cultures and by an initiatory trip to London, Anam Gu Anam (aka Nanopix, Benoît Balfet) creates Ambient music where Electronica, Experimental Music and Minimal Techno…(among others) mix. Through the music he listens to and creates, it is a form of escape and letting go that he seeks...Certain compositions can be compared to forms of relaxation music...Abstract soundscapes are part of his quests; the emotional duality expressed is one of his trademarks.
Since 1997, he has exhibited regularly while working as a graphic designer and teacher of applied arts. His work is multimedia (images/sound/video art). From 2009 he offers his musical universe under the name NANOPIX, since 2015 he has developed several radio projects ; February 2021 marks the start of AMBNT SESSIONS under the name Anam Gu Anam.